Seperate Facilities for female students

Women comprise more than 52% of our country’s population and their contribution to national development can simply not be under-emphasized. We subscribe to the theory that educating one male student is educating one person while educating one female student is educating a whole family. Female education is quite conspicuous in present scenario. Female education is quit significant both at national and international level. It is an acknowledged phenomenon that successful business activities connot be promoted without female education as it comprises of majority of our population. Educated mothers are good managers, both in and out, and further have the ability to face the challenges adequately and effectively. In this way female education plays a vital role both in our social and economic life and is, therefore, an impetus to rapid economic expansion.

We are acutely aware of the problems faced by female students in pursuit of their academic objectives. We have therefore arranged provision of separate academic and allied activities to ensure that female students are allowed opportunities to not only acquire knowledge in a tension free environment but also develop their personality, confidence and character in a well guided and disciplined atmosphere.

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